Energizing... Informative... Motivational... Dynamic...
These are all words attendees have used to
describe Detective Mike Johnson and the
powerful impact he has on his audience.  
His candid, yet humorous approach to the
very serious subject of child abuse has
captivated audiences across the United
States, Europe and South Africa.  

Whether through a luncheon keynote
address or a two-day site training, Mike
Johnson re-energizes seasoned child
abuse professionals and helps provide new
investigators with clarity and focus through
his no-holds barred approach and
willingness to confront all problems
Child Abuse Investigation Training and Resources for Multidisciplinary Teams
Detective Johnson engages his audience with a unique ability seldom found in the child abuse
investigative arena.  His 25 years of law enforcement experience combined with being one of the
founders of the
Collin County Children's Advocacy Center - one of the most advanced and
successful CACs in the nation - enables Mike to bring an unparalleled  combination of experience
and talents to the table, and the ability to "know that of which he speaks" on multiple fronts.

Detective Johnson's resonance is borne out of several factors.  He initially gained practical
experience investigating all forms of child abuse prior to the onset of children's advocacy centers
(CACs) and multidisciplinary teams (MDTs).  His children's advocacy center experience is that of
more than "just" an investigator.  Detective Johnson is a CAC founder, task force, board of
directors and advisory board member.  He was also instrumental in the creation of the sex
offender legislation referred to as
"Ashley's Laws" in the state of Texas.  

Mike either created, helped to evolve or participated in numerous CAC programs:  on-site Law
Enforcement and CPS;  the use of advocates; the use of sexual assault nurse examiners; forensic
interview protocols; the creation of a rural law enforcement task force; an adopt-a-caseworker
program;  the Rainbow Room;  forensic interview training and protocol; therapy protocol for
victims, siblings and non-offending parents, umbrella agencies and children's advocacy centers.  
In addition, all topics related to creating and maintaining MDTs and CACs, MDTs relationship with
the CAC board and the community; fundraising; board development; and MDT communications.  

He continues to observe firsthand as a site trainer at hundreds of communities across the United
States, giving him a clear picture of the trends taking place within CACs and MDTs.

Detective Johnson has received countless praise for his willingness to discuss the most difficult
topics, including the relationships between the various MDT disciplines and the intersection of
research versus practice.  Never boring, a "Detective Mike" presentation is sure to generate as
much discussion after the training as it does during.
Courtesy of Brooks Community Newspapers
"Mike has the unique ability to not only know Best Practice as
a trainer of child abuse investigations, but he's "walked the
walk" of an investigator investigating child abuse.  He delivers
the message from a non-fictional vantage point and sees
through the excuses sometimes offered by professionals.  He
reminds us that a child's life is valuable and should be treated
as such.  He understands the dynamics of an investigation -
the team roles, the interactions of a MDT and the way in
which a team should operate - as a result of his own personal
experience, knowledge, successes and failures.  He is able to
offer us real solutions based on actual experiences versus
some "pie in the sky" solutions that just won't work.  He
challenges us to reach down deep and remember those
children that deserve our best - and on their timelines, not
ours.  He is one of us, someone dedicated to protecting
children.  His presentations are applicable, on target and
challenging to all professionals working with victims of child
 - Christine Evans-Longmire, Executive Director, Kids First CAC, Lenoir City, TN